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    Hello, I'm looking for a guild to RAID and etc. I was playing exclusively with RL friends, but now they left the game. Doesn't need to be high level, just need active players who are doing RAIDs regularly, give advices and not madrun ahead like there is no tomorrow in every single quest they do with me (I don't know many of the high level quests).

    Active chars:
    - Leggio lvl 25 [Ranger 14, Rogue 4, Paladin 2] trapper & AA
    - Raritty lvl 24 [Artificer lvl 20] trapper & caster
    - Bennedictos lvl 20 [Paladin 18, Monk 2] hybrid/weird dual wielder DPS/Tank
    - Pinnkie Pie lvl 13 [Bard] spellsinger & chest blesser
    - Twilith Sparkle lvl 13 [Wizard] archmage

    - None TR'd unfortunately
    - I have VIP account.
    - I have got ears/voice
    - Raritty is a crafter (crafting lvl 120-ish)
    - I'm normally online between 15h and 17h CST american time, most of the days but I could extend this on weekends.
    - I'm in Europe, in CET timezone

    What I expect from the guild:
    - RAID runs
    - Complicated (Epic) Elite quests together (if it is easy I can do it alone!)
    - Build/equips advices etc
    - People online when I am also online!

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