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    Default A Templar Message to Cannith Server

    Lately, there's been some rumors spread by certain people, with certain agendas about Templar's recent expansion. Depending on what you've heard, some of it is true and some of it is not-so-true. So let's set the record straight on a couple of rumors making the rounds on Cannith:

    "The Templar guys have had a change of heart about their mean-trolly ways and are now bastions of hope; spreading joy, hope, love, unicorns, rainbows, candy and puppy-dogs where-ever they go"

    "Templar are recruiting, so that they can level their guild to 100 faster"
    This is, in fact, true. The changes to guild size vs the decay in renown, has allowed for Templar to open up its doors to more people without worrying about if the extra guild size would cause us to de-level faster than we can actually level up. Why any guild would NOT want to take advantage of this change is confusing.

    "Once Templar hit guild level 100, they are going to remove all of the non-core recruits"
    False. Whilst the core players of Templar may be trolls, we don't think its funny to shoot ourselves in the foot by booting over 100+ accounts. Here's a couple of reasons why this malicious rumor wasn't really well-thought out

    1. It would de-level the guild severely, thereby negating our aim to reach L100.
    2. Have you actually TRIED to boot 100+ accounts AND all of the associated Alts? It's time-consuming, and frankly, I'd rather spend that time grinding out destinies.. that, or scooping out my eyeballs with a rusted spoon..
    3. With the number of active people in guild at any one-time, grouping for core-players as well as non-core players is much smoother than hunting for groups on the social panel

    What we're saying is that we have moved from a closed-recruiting policy to an open one. The move to this policy has cost Templar nothing, but has resulted in more benefits to us as well as the general population. You could say it was... win-win.

    But in saying all this, some people will still choose to have hurt-feelings and ill-will towards us. That's cool - we don't really care how you feel. We're Templar, remember? BUT, we will guarantee one thing:

    • There will be NO mass-booting of accounts once Templar have hit L100

    This guarantee is backed up with the call that should this occur, the officers of Templar have agreed to leave the guild and disband. Of course, all of this is dependant on the Devs not deciding to stealth-"fix" the way renown currently works...

    So with that being said, if you're interested in joining Templar and can abide by our 3 simple rules, then go ahead and send a tell to an officer.

    Have a nice slay.
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