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    Default Are you going to increase the XP in the numeruous quests that need it?

    Cannith quests.
    Cannith Raids.

    These are the only two coming to mind (just woke up) at the moment.

    So, what we are going to do is this: We will make a list of each pack and each quest that needs a SERIOUS bump in XP. Help me out complete this (I just woke up, forgive me) and let's see if they will really listen to us for real.

    Mainly, we need a bigger difference between Normal and Elite XP base. Right now, even for Rusted Blades, the difference from these 2 difficulties is a merely 400 xp. 400! And we all know how harder Elite is compared to normal.

    It's utterly UNBELIEVABLE that we are only seeing XP NERFS when we've been asking for XP increases in many packs and many quests for YEARS.

    EDIT: Once I find the time, I'll go and confirm myself the quests that you will suggest. I'll get down every quest of the pack suggested and add my own opinions on how much they should be increased.
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