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    Default Bug? Proc rates on Cormyrian weapons

    Hey all, after some pretty extensive but entirely un-scientific testing, I feel like the proc rates for effects on cormyrian weapons is considerably lower than other items. Anyone else notice this?

    For example, I've got a cormyrian rapier with life-stealing on it and a sacrificial dagger with the same. The dagger drains multiple levels on every mob i fight, pretty much while the rapier may proc once or twice in a whole quest... meanwhile, you'd expect the rapier to go off more as it's a chance to proc on crits (and it has the better crit range).

    At the same time, it has magma surge on it... which I'm not sure I've ever seen go off :P My litII rapiers proc a lot more often... anyway, just curious if anyone else feels like the procs rates on these seem low.

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    I've never actually kept a Cormyrian weapon. The instant I get out of whatever challenge I pulled it from, I run to the vendor and deconstruct it.

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