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    Default Super slow store

    I have tried this on multiple accounts from my home and it literally takes 15 mins+ to buy anything from the store. I do not experience lag anywhere else in DDO.

    1 Click store and wait 5-10 mins for store home to load
    2 Click on side bar and wait 2 mins for it to pop up
    5 Click on 2ndairy side bar and wait another 2 mins
    3 Click on some item in the new category and wait 2-3 mins
    4 Click quick buy icon and wait 2 more minutes
    5 Add a coupon and click the apply coupon button wait 2 more minutes for coupon to activate
    6 Click accept purchase or whatever and wait 30 sec-1 min for the item to enter my bag.

    This whole process saves me a bunch of money. I do not buy rez cakes or any other "convenience" item from the DDO store now. It is just not convenient to use the store.
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    I had the same problem and found this post by My2cent:

    It's for Windows XP but I'm running a Win7 system and it still resolved issues for me.
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