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    Default Some ideas about Halfling, Dwarf and H/ELF? class?

    Hi everybody, I'm about to create a new toon and to TR another one to try new things. I've always stick to human race, but would like a change (I don't have warforged yet)

    First I got a human ranger tempest, it has been pretty good, I like it, but I want to know if it would be a good idea to TR into a Halfling artificer. (I've just bought arti) and in which things should I focus (feats, enhancements...).

    Then, for my new toon I've been thinking on a Helf ranger tempest with rogue dilly. Or even a Dwarf as it will be tempest. Not sure about Dwarf, but I don't know which class to choose. Already got a barb, monk and a barb/ftr so that's why I'dñ like a change.

    Thanks a lot!! Cya in game

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    Quote Originally Posted by adriennah View Post
    I want to know if it would be a good idea to TR into a Halfling artificer.
    It's always a good idea to play a halfling. Always.

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    One of the nicer changes in the Enhancement alpha is that you can unlock the entire Dragonmark line with a single feat + some APs spent in your racial tree. This will help out anyone who likes halfling arcanes; now you can add a significant amount of self-healing with one DM feat instead of needing all three.

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    Default halfling olympics

    We used to have a halfling Olympics in The Oldtimers Guild years ago. There was the:

    *Halfling Toss: I think someone threw one off the ship for the longest toss, but there was a lot of debate on weather "vertical" tossing actually counted.
    *Halfling Baton Race: This was a problem. Mostly because our halfling kept greasy hair and he slipped a lot. We really struggled. We dropped him so much.
    *Halfling Hurdles: This was really no challenge. We did have one drow in the guild though who kept tripping over them. ....jump skill...
    *Halfling Press: One of us actually lifted 26 stacked on top of each other. Gawd! Those halflings Never stopped complaining about that one!

    Ummmmm...anyways, I could keep going. Lots of fond memories. Back to the subject. YES!! Halflings ARE useful and fun!
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