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    Make it part of a ranger mele capstone ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sebastianosmith View Post
    ^ Nailed it!

    Meshing the new U14 physics engine hitboxes with a totally new weapon animation would have been... difficult. If getting stuck in a wall is bothersome, imagine swinging a 2-Hander with one hand and twisting into another dimension.
    New animation?
    why would you need one? Zombie and Wraith already use 2h weapons in 1hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ape_Man View Post
    Monkey-grip allowed you to wield a two-handed weapons (like an ESoS) in your main-hand and either have a shield equipped or a 1-handed weapon in the off-hand. As mentioned above it never made it to live.

    Thinking back on this, how OP would this have been really? We got a one-handed ESoS (Balizarde) in CiTW . . . would being able to wield an ESoS in your main-hand really have been any more over-powering especially since you'd be stuck with one ED?
    I am one that is more than happy this did not make it to live. This would be way to much.
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    I would suggest they make a modified Monkey-grip feat available to all which will only allow you to wield a shield in your off-hand .. I think it would give a nice boost to sword n board.
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    balizarde is 2.5[1d8]. eSoS is 2.5[2d6]. balizarde is +7. eSoS is +10. balizarde has hemorrhaging... eSoS has epic slots, hard to say which is worth more since hemorrhaging is quite good, but so is DR bypass ability (where it is needed, DR bypass is significantly better, but hemorrhaging works on far more enemies). balizarde does also have some nifty defensive abilities, but those don't add to DPS, so that really doesn't enter into the DPS race. nice for slot consolidation, no question, but... it isn't more damage.

    the eSoS would be just flat out better if it was 1-handed. before crits, it's already dealing 2.25 damage more per hit, and it has more to multiply on a crit so it gains a bit more there, i'm just too lazy to figure out how much. if it's something that has DR to break, (most likely DR to slot for in eSoS is good, and use artificer or scrolls for second type as needed), the eSoS pulls really far ahead. if it's an enemy that doesn't bleed, the eSoS pulls way ahead too.

    frankly... no. no you don't have a 1-handed version of the eSoS. you have a very nice 1-hander, i won't argue that. but an eSoS held in one hand would definitely be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaid314 View Post
    (most likely DR to slot for in eSoS is good, and use artificer or scrolls for second type as needed)
    You can't arti scroll a 2H weapon, just like you can't master's touch scroll a 2H weapon. Just FYI.

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