I am finally done with the quest walkthroughs for Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 16, The Netherese Legacy!

These quests entrances are all located in The High Road wilderness adventure area. Talk to Rina inside Eveningstar near the exit to The Kings Forest wilderness adventure area to start the quest series, The Netherese Scroll. Rina is the series rewards NPC and will direct you to the actual quest giver NPC's. Make sure you talk to both of them between quests to make sure that you advance the series correctly.

This series has a handful of named magic items that can be found both in the quests and as series end rewards. However, if you run the quests on Hard or Elite you will have the chance to find higher level, more powerful versions of the named items in these quests. Nothing like a little extra incentive to run harder difficulties.

I really enjoyed this series. It seems that the developers are Turbine are on their game with all of this great quality content. Keep it coming! I don't mind being busy.

Here are the quests and links for the walkthroughs and the order that you are supposed to do them in.
  1. Detour
  2. Rest Stop
  3. Lost In The Swamp
  4. A Stay At The Inn
  5. End of the Road

I hope these help you get the most of these great new epic quests.

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