I was grinding to get a cormyrian kama with "life stealing" effect... Not easy as there are many random effects for that 3rd property. I finally got it. Why did I want it on a kama? Because I am druid and mostly fight in wolf form, which means I critically hit on rolls 17-20 (with feat and confirming ofc).

So, I wanted a weapon with the life stealing property that allowed me to stay centered and one handed if possible (sacrificial dagger is wonderful but does not let me be centered).

As I said, I got the property finally and... It does not work properly :-( It is coded to work on the critical hit related to the weapon itself (kama = 20, I don't have imp. crit. slash), it does not transfer the property correctly to wolf animal form. This cannot be working as intended as all the other weapons with that effect work perfectly on wolf form for hits 17-20 (criticals).

Wanted to share this with all so that others don't get a big disappointment after trying to get a cormyrian weapon for such purpose.

Hopefully some kind generous dev will read the post and move some thread to repair this little (though very frustrating) bug.