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    Default Stuck Piking in the Shroud

    Yesterday, I was on my 1st life cleric Mammabear when I decided to join a noob friendly hard shroud LFM that had one healer. I thought that I'd help him out and work on adding to my LDS collection.

    We got in and had the usual teaching run experience: lots of explaining and a bit slow but with steady progress as heals, arcane and a few melee were knowledgable. We got to part 3 with all puzzles solved and I ran some water to a 3X3 on the west side. I studder lagged a bit going through the door and was thrown through the wall to the outside of the maze. The area I was in looked like a bad mirror image with the actual puzzle visable through a dark haze; I felt like Alice in Through the Looking Glass. I typed /stuck and prayed that it had been at least 24 hours since I'd used it last....I have found a LOT of stuck spots lately. I got loading then teleorting messages. YEA! I'm saved....or not.

    /stuck ported me onto the top of the NW corner by the 4X4. There is an invisible wall preventing anyone from jumping down and I was once again stuck outside of the playable zone.

    I put in a ticket and 21 minutes later a GM showed up. We spent a few minutes of discussing my problem then I read:

    "I"ll port you to your party member. Get Ready"
    Arraetrikos roars as his body shatters and explodes. He has finally been banished to the eternal Battleground of Shavarath.
    *ported to the other cleric's location.

    The bard was a self confessed bad healer and we had a few new people in the hard run, so it was not a zergfest. I'm so glad the other healer was awsome and managed parts 4 & 5 by himself. XD

    I got the most interesting piking experience of my life and my new favorite screenshot of the raid. And to think that they say nothing new ever happens in Shroud...
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    Congrats on pulling a GM who actually helped you. Buy a lottery ticket, you're on a lucky streak!
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    I applaud your lack of activity, yet, a game bug does not a /pike's just a game bug that put you on the sideline. To /pike you really have to MEAN it.

    Please refer to my signature and, especially, the H and the O links at the bottom for my Piker's Guides. Be sure to read them while in a raid actively /piking.
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