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It's not about easy buttons, it's about removing options from the game.

I'm ok that only rogues can spot them because in D&D only certain classes can spot magical traps with a DC over a certain threshold. That's awesome.

I'm not ok with "slow" being "arbitrarily different slow because the DM wants you to be slowed". That's as annoying in DDO as it is in PNP. It's ok for some things to be "different, because of ... you know ... plot" but too much of this really dilutes the game experience ... the inherent mechanics of the game are less of an ordered system.

I was perfectly fine with having some poisons affect undead and machines. Heck, if Vulkoor or Lolth themselves poison you, you take it. Deity-thing. Now though, there are more and more "unavoidable and arbitrary mechanics" in the game.

D&D has a rich amount of "this counters-or-dispels that" and "you get past this by having this other thing". I like that. I don't like more and more things moving to-unavoidable-special-exception.

See, we're all playing rock-paper-scissors. It's ok if every once in a while someone throws in a dynamite - just not too often. When more and more things are tossed in and one side of the game is filled with dynamite, monster trucks, dinosaurs, zombies, dead spiders, horny goats, etc. then it matters less and less if we choose rock, paper or scissors. We're participating less with our actual meaningful choices, and being moved along a set linear path more.

ok now for the concept of something removing slow like haste. I agree. That should be allowed to happen. But i also see the traps are meant to do many things. hurt you and maim you. When we hamstring stuff i dont see the monsters saying hey the player shouldnt do that.

I understand its very annoying for some, but honestly i'm not always running back and forth through them. So it slows me down for a few seconds. Im fine with that. i think of it as a grease effect. if they were to remove the slow effect they would probably increase the damage or add other effects. Then people would complain about that.

yes i can say grab someone with trap skills, but yet again not everyone will wait for that person. No matter what ends up happening people complain, some dont mind while others love it. its just a non ending cycle we will never break. not one player will ever be happy in the game. Something is too hard, too easy, not enough dps, too much dps, etc.

I'm not saying we cant complain, but change the way we write it. So the slow effect can't be countered and they want say haste to remove it. i understand. there is no issue from it.

Dispel effects should be allowed to dispel "magical traps". Stuff like that i can understand. But removing things because it slows you down. Hell no. I encourage annoyances, maiming, killing traps, high damage. Isn't that what they are for? Bear traps maim you. spike traps slow you down and do damage.