I really wish you guys would go through and fix a couple of things that could give a tiny little bit of niche protection and oomph back to ranged characters.

1. Activation Distance: In several places, an enemy doesn't activate until you walk up on, or past him. Now for some bad guys, like golems and animated objects (hey, while we're here, add Animate Objects to the spell list), this makes sense; it's just dumb for others. For the most part, if you can see it, you should be able to shoot and damage it.

2. Blocked Clear Spaces: There are some areas in the game where even if you have what is obviously clear line of sight to a target, you cannot range it because there is effectively an invisible wall in the way. The most blatant offender is the Bargain of Blood quest. Looking a it, you should be able to range a lot of the bad guys, especially the ranging ones, that stand up on high ground, but you cannot. Shots fired across the area are stopped dead by these invisible walls.

Now, I figure this is either intentional or not. If it is unintentional, then please fix it. If intentional, it is simply bad design. If you don't want players ranging the bad guys, don't design an area for what should be clear and easy ranged combat. Seriously. It's nonsensical. Especially since in some areas, the bad guys can still shoot you through these non-barriers.