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    Default Post completionist project Defender of balance

    Named for the mixture of dark (monk ninja) and light (paladin defender) This is the first of several more builds I'm hoping to accomplish.

    Defender of Balance
    Drow paladin 12/monk(dark) 6/ fighter 2/epic 5
    32point drow

    Str 14(4tome,7item, 1ex, 1 enhancement, 3abishi +4stance, 2ship, 2comp, 2epic feat) 40
    Dex 17(4tome, 6 item, 2 feat 2stance, 2ship 2comp, 1level) 36
    Con 12(4tome, 3 exceptional, 7 item, +2stance, 2ship 2comp) 32
    Int 11(3tome, 2comp) 16
    Wis 15(4tome, 2feat, 3 ex, 7item, 2ship, 2comp, 5level, 2destiny)42
    Cha 13(4tome, 2feat 7item, 2ship, 2comp)30
    comp = completionist

    1.) Dodge, Twf
    2.) Mobility
    3.) Completionist
    6.) power attack/stunning fist
    9.) Improved two weapon fighting
    12.) Spring attack
    13.) toughness
    14.) Greater two weapon fighting
    15.) Monk past life
    18.) Improved Crit

    1 monk1 (Dodge, twf)
    2 monk2 (Mobility)
    3 pal1 +1tomes (completionist)
    4 pal2 +1 dex
    5 pal3
    6 fighter1 (Power attack, stunning fist)
    7 pal4 +2 tomes
    8 pal5 +1 wis
    9 pal6 (Improved two weapon fighting)
    10 monk3 (Fist of darkness)
    11 monk4 +3tomes
    12 monk5 +1 wis (Spring attack)
    13 monk6 (toughness)
    14 fighter2 (Greater two weapon fighting)
    15 Pal7 +4tomes (Monk past life feat)
    16 Pal8 +1 wis
    17 Pal9
    18 pal10 (Improved crit)
    19 pal11
    20 pal12 +1 wis
    21 Feat: (Str +1)
    24 wis +1 Featstr+1)

    Hp 846 with gs on 794 w/o gs on
    140 pal/fighter
    50 epic
    48 monk
    28 toughness
    20 toughness equip
    45 gs
    30 gfl
    10 animal path
    60 enhancment
    275 con
    10 past life
    20 heroic durability
    15% boost from stance

    10 base
    13 dex
    16 wis
    6 centered
    4 natural armor
    3 abashi
    3 ship buffs
    4 aura
    9 armor

    Incorp 25%
    Dodge:20% (7%feats, 6%monk, 1head(though it says 2% it really gives 1%), 3% perfect balance, 3% unearthly reactions twist)

    Fort:16Base +2sacred +6spiderspun +4gh +11con +4aura +4insight +10cha +2epic=+59
    Refl: 9base +2sacred +6spiderspun +4gh +13dex +4aura +4insight +10cha +2epic=+54
    Will: 9base +2sacred +6spiderspun +4gh +16wis +4aura +4insight +10cha +2epic=+57

    My reccomended destiny: Grandmaster of flowers.(Twists: sense weakness, unearthly reactions, fast healing.)
    teir 3 running with wind(30% striding, +3% double strike lightning resist12)
    teir 3 dancing with flames +3 damage
    teir 3 dance of flowers
    Hail of blows 3% double strike
    piercing clarity teir2(ghost touch, true seeing, 10% fort bypass)
    +2 wisdom
    Drifting lotus lily petal orchard blossom
    I personally don't take everything is nothing b/c I dislike it in both execution and theory.
    Ki regen, ki heal, slippery mind, +3 to stunning immune to slippery surfaces,
    immune to most forms of knock down
    Not the highest dps or defensive ability destiny but it fills many gaps where gear can't on this build.
    10% healing amp mnk enhancements
    30% healing amp pdk gloves
    10% healing amp ship
    5% healing amp paladin past life

    or if feeling obnoxious
    25% jidz in fire stance
    10% Dragon touch eldritch
    20% dragon touch tempest
    10% and 10% teir 1 and 2 hunter of the dead.

    Head: Epic helm of frost(+7cha, gfl)
    Necklace: Shinato (+15concentration) or gs hp
    Trinket: head of good fortune(2% dodge, heavy fort +2 luck on skill and saves)
    Cloak: Epic abashi with toughness
    Belt: Gs hp lightning storm guard or sun soul pending
    Gloves: Purple dragon knights (+7str, +2 con, 30% hamp)
    Boots: Epic abashi with natural armor +4
    Bracers: bracers of wind (3% dodge, 1% crafted, blurry, air guard) or sun soul pending
    Body: Icy ramients (4% dodge.) Or Sun soul pending (spider spun +3 wis at lvl 22)
    Goggles: Epic time sensing with +6 dex
    Ring one: gnawled(holy burst)
    Ring two: Shinto(shocking burst) Shinato set +2 hit/damage

    at level 13
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