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    Quote Originally Posted by karsion View Post
    I saw his LFMs many times but never tried to join and didn't even care for his name. But then I have noticed some guy creating a drama because he lost in PvP to a higher level toon and he tried to spin it as he was uber because he nearly killed the other toon.
    He started on about that when I started Lords of Dust, then when I finished the chain for the second time, he was still going on about it. I'm surprised he didn't make his way into my ignore list earlier.
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    I want a small planetary system orbiting around my cranium.
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    Congratulations, you made a high priestess into a heretic - here's your XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by susiedupfer View Post
    He is a legend in his own mind. When I booted him from the group(so helpfully mentioned by Darth ), ...his follow-up was that I was a girl. You really know you have lost a discussion when all you can come up with is that the other person is of the opposite gender.
    You're a girl?!

    /smooths eyebrows

    So, how YOU doin'? I like Old Sully's Grog, long walks in the Vale, and playing Kobold golf.




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    Been gone for a while, thought maybe Orien developed a sense of humor Great to see some of the old faces tho...

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    Seen him many times, never joined him, something told me that if someone has a strong need to post lfm's like that...that can't be good. XD

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    and after a short hiatus, his LFM is back. Very tempted to join one of his groups just for sh!!s and giggles. (yes I do have a warped sense of humour).

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