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Is this a proper client, or a wine wrapper a-la EVE for Mac? If it's a proper client, I imagine it runs through OGL, and if so, can we expect a client compiled for Linux? I don't mind if it's "unsupported" and all that, I'd just like to see a native binary.
It is probably a wine wrapper.... A complete native client would be much more expensive to do.

I'd like to see a native linux binary too... they could also give us the source and we could try to compile and make it work ourselves... but, ofc, it will not happen.

Linux users are used to fend for themselves. The stereotypical linux user don't need someone to make DDO work in wine (in 2 years the first time I had to compile a wine just for ddo was in the last update).

Stereotypical Saint Jobs followers like user friendlyness and don't care how things works... probably don't even know what "compile" means.

For them a wine wrapper is a huge benefit. Hopefully will bring more people to the game.

IMHO, Turbine's technical staff should concentrate their efforts in bug squashing and new stuff, not babysitting Linux users.

I'd like to save the "oh please help us linux users please" for the time that we really can't make it work and the solution is dependent on some coding from turbine.