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    Default No break this time, take care!

    Greetings friends, I regret to inform you that this is the end, just want to shout out to my
    friends and guildies that I'm done with Dungeons n dragons online, no pause or long break
    rather done as never coming back.

    As I see it now DDO is all about having a good time; basically it's suppose to be an
    enjoyment on my sparetime. For a long time I havent had any real fun with the game,
    I have actaully forced myself to play the game just to try to make a weak attempt to
    catch up a little bit with my guildies. Dispite that, my guidlies have been alright with my
    casual style and really have been cool draging my along the new stuff guideing me around like
    a headless chicken, I appricaite that. It has just gone too far. To force myself to do something on
    my sparetime which atm is very limited due to real life isnt a step in the right direction. The answer was
    simple and I have uninstalled the game and cancelled my subscription. I wont install the game again, it's
    a finished chapter in my life.

    It's important for me to point out that many awesome folks out there really mean a lot to me and the only
    reason I have played this game for sooo many years and countless hours is NOT because of the game
    itself, it's the ppl in it. The community is absoulty outstanding! I have tried a few other online
    games and not even one comes close to DDO on thelanis... I have had so much fun and if you would
    ask me if it was worth spending countless hours on a computer game id say f.u.c.k. yeah every day of the
    week. At one point id rather spend time with my online friends than my real life once. I made sure to have
    good ppl around me all the time that I enjoyed talking and gaming with so I made a guild along with my
    friend Ranghild called Mitis mors and that's the very reason that kept me playing ddo for this long even
    tho I have been bored with it for a long time. Not to mention many other guys and girls in other guilds
    which we couldnt drag over to our place, stubborn suckers

    I havent said a word to my guildies cause I don't want a discussion about this, the decision has already
    been made. I have the biggest fate that they will manage the guild superb, I havent really taken any
    responsible lately due to my inactivity anyways.

    All in all to sum it up... You guys have been a good part of my life and I wish all of you the best!
    Also want to give the community in general a big tumb up, pugs have almost always been a good
    experience, hard to believe that any other server on this game has this quality.

    If you want to stay in touch send me a PM and you will have my email, ill stick around on
    forum for a week or two.

    Take care thelanis, guildies and friends.

    A sentimental goodbye- thanks for the memories!

    Best regards Heals.

    Toons: Chubaka, Healsoogood, Prefix, Foromir, Furiousheals
    Co founder of Mitis Mors.
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    can i haz your stuffs?

    seriously though good player hate to see you go. Good luck and we will see you when you come back.
    Darkrune TRx2 lvl 20 FvS, Darkdivinity lvl 20 cleric, Darkaxe lvl 20 fighter, Darktune TRx1 lvl 4bard, Darkbow lvl 20 AA Ranger, Darksoldier TRx1 lvl 20 Barb, Darkspells TRx2 lvl 20 Wizard, Darkbattle TRx1 lvl 20 artificer, Darktemper lvl 17 Ranger, Darkfists TRx1 lvl 20 Monk, Darkherald lvl 5 paladin Guild Leader of No Politics Thelanis Server

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    Bye, friend

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    Hey heals, too bad man. Well u can always come by TS to chat


    PS: before you vanish into the dust of other games, toss the guild lead to Rang.
    Haek N' Slay (©ompletionist Juggernaut / Zeus Life 61 of 61)My Toon is better than your toon.Mitis Mors - Thelanis

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    Sad to hear you going mate, but it was one heck of a ride together...
    -Ranghild, Reginalda, Reddrama, Reidun, Ratmur
    Co-founder of Mitis Mors

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    Still round the corner there may wait
    A new road or a secret gate,
    And though we pass them by today,
    Tomorrow we may come this way
    And take the hidden paths that run
    Towards the Moon or to the Sun..

    Sorry to see you go :´( It was always great fun playing with you. Hope that you maybe hang out in TS from time to time!
    I wish you only the best and remember: Paths always cross twice in life.
    ~Liiria(TR Project)~Liiriana(FvS)~Liiri(Bard)~
    Mitis Mors|Thelanis

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    Take care and best of luck in everything that life brings your way!
    Abamf|Skwat|Baucas Thelanis

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    Omg Heals, you leave right at the moment I'm making a come-back! I started playing again last saturday...

    Sad to see you go, man.

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    Noooooooo!, err I mean Neeeeeeej!

    Take care friend and I wish you good fortune on your post-ddo era . ^^


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    Who knows?


    Sad face

    Goodbye friend, take care

    Darkzess(Currently: Bbn) - Sturdycaster (Wiz) - Stormfists(Mnk) - Zeess (Art) - Zessx (FvS)
    ~Currently away, who knows where i'm gonna be today~

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    Goodbye and take care mate, sad to see a good player leaving the game.
    Whatever you do though try to have fun always.

    QuickBenqb 3*wiz/3*sorc/3*fvs/bard/pala/barb/fgr/rgr/rog/mnk/clr/drd/art/Wiz (current)
    Yil 3*Rngr/4*Fgr/3*Pala/3*Brd/3*Brb/3*Drd/3*Mnk/3*Clr/3*Fvs/3*Wiz/3*Sorc/3*Art/3*Rog/Monk (current)
    Bankrupt FvS lvl 20 (TR1) Krupppe lvl 25 something (TR3)

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    Default :(

    Will be really sad to see you go man, you were a good leader and a better friend!

    Will miss the way you say jailor and jesus on the mic xD
    -To err is human, to forgive divine-

    Some of you people take this GAME way to seriously...

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    Good times man, I remember all the fun times doing legacy epics in the desert. Countless hours of craziness and scroll farming

    Sad to see a quality vet go, but when its your time to go.....

    Don't be a stranger pay us a visit on the forums if we got some good drama going on.

    Laterz bud,

    Hulk Smash!

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    Default does not simply walk out of Sschindylryn!

    Sad to see you go
    Wish you all the best on your way. Eth
    Thelanis - Ethforged - Etherar - Fjirty --- Mitis Mors
    Ghallanda - Ethrayne - Ethryne --- Omnipresence
    Youtube channel:

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    Had some great fun together!

    Without you and rage getting me into mitis, i'd have quit ddo a long time ago,
    sad to see you go.

    At least we'll see eachother around ;-)
    Triumore - Triu - Broktar
    Mitis Mors

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    happy traveling my friend !

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    Here's to hoping you find a new hobby that brings you as much enjoyment as DDO once did.

    Lots of folks here are gonna miss you

    Take care.
    Proud member of Renowned, Thelanis server.

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    Hey! A normal "I quit" post. not the DDO is bad and s*cks b*lls I ragequit post...

    Bummer man, you're a famous face on the server. I liked it when your FvS was in the party... didn't have to do anything with my FvS then
    Thelanis: Botar, Klogar, Saludar, Shantarr, Karygon

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrightAsh View Post
    Hey! A normal "I quit" post. not the DDO is bad and s*cks b*lls I ragequit post...

    Bummer man, you're a famous face on the server. I liked it when your FvS was in the party... didn't have to do anything with my FvS then
    Gah exams are over next thurdsay... who will now heal me trough raids
    Heals you suck !!!
    Tho you should pop in here and there to remind me how bad player i am
    Thelanis -> D 20bbn (TR 1) | H 11rgr/7mnk/2ftr+2 (TR 1) | K 20bbn+3 (TR 3) | K 15pal/3mnk/2ftr (TR 1) | M 20+1 fvs (TR 2) | S 8mnk/12pal (TR 2)
    Gimped -> B 20wiz | Work in progress -> B (TR 1) 6rgr/6bbn/1rog | B (TR2) 14fs I drop BB; I don't HJEEEAL (:

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