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    Quote Originally Posted by Azara View Post
    Personally, I have seen some armors that I LOVE the design of, just not the color scheme. I would LOVE to see a kit that allows us to just dye the armor we have another color. Simple idea, but I know that I would use it, as would quite a few of my friends.
    Love this idea!

    I use armor kits and hair dye fairly often, at least once per character. The more they've TRed, the more I've changed their "look."

    More options across the board so we can customize our characters' appearances would be welcome. A variety of flashiness, too. (On the current armor kit styles, #1 always seems to be the most reasonable and attractive, while #2 is like the flare fairy threw up at Bennigan's.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuartermasterX View Post
    While I cannot give specific details or dates, we are planning on making improvements to cosmetic armor system.
    I have not spent 1 cent on armor kits because of turbine's antagonistic implementation. Either you buy one knowing full well it's gonna be temporal, or you are/will be blind-sided... caveat emptor.

    I'm happy to hear changes are coming. I will reevaluate my position once these "improvements" are known.

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    One of the biggest problems with the armor system is that there's so few of them to choose from. Especially if you like colors other than Lavender, Black, Purple and gold... Or combinations thereof.

    Make a system where the player can dye colors or switch through "gear" "Spaulders" "boots" etc. the same way the old random armor did...

    Add a "cosmetic slot" and sell it in the store...

    I'm glad they are making changes... hopefully accompanied by a LOT more variety or the ability for the player to provide the variety. I hate to say I'd be happy with "reusable" kits. it would be a step in a better direction, but still not the right one.

    Those reusable hats? I have to double click those? Yeah I have one on my Ninja, I've used it all of 8 or 9 times, it is a royal PITA. How about double click to apply, stays applied through log offs, lasts until you double click it again.

    Still would like to see cosmetic slots, wardrobes, visible cloaks (BORROW LOTRO'S MESH AND ANIMATION FILES! it's the same engine.) and would gladly pay TP's for all of that.
    Quote Originally Posted by IronClan View Post
    You can't possibly design good gameplay if excitement unpredictability and unknowns are NOT ALLOWED because they confuse some players who want everything cut and dried and spelled out for them.

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    My cosmetic wishes:

    * Re-usable armor kits.
    * An "armor kit" tab similar to the pets, so you can change your appearance on the fly.
    * BTA - maybe only one character can wear a kit at a time, so you have to specifically remove it, but it'd be nice to be able to share looks (say your barb got a new helm that would look *great* with this kit... that your ranger is no longer wearing)
    * Cosmetic headgear bonuses while showing your regular headgear. Yes, I want the bonuses from the Elite Spider Mask; no, I don't bloody well want to *see* the ugly thing, and I love my Cove hat with the feather so I don't want to show the goggles/turn 'em both off (plus, on certain characters, seeing the hat is the only way i'm sure what I'm wearing - my ranger, for instance, had a Teraza's Sight for the WIS bonus for SP - but as soon as I cast a few buffs, I'd switch to his fort Cove hat. Assuming I remembered. Seeing the Sight was a quick "Oh yeah, put on your fort!" moment for me.)
    * Cosmetic headgear bonuses to stick through logout (and headgear swapping). I'd love to free up a space on my hotbars from the mask. Make it the same equip/dequip process as the armor, and put 'em in their own tab so it's not taking up inventory space.
    * The option to show goggles *and* headgear. Sure, it'll look ridiculous in some cases, but not in all. And I *like* those Cove hats with the feather, dangit! But the goggles fit my mechanic's personality... I want both, AND the Spider Mask!
    * A better method to try on armor gear - either have the store size adjustable, or have it automatically shrink down to a list of armors when you try one on. Or both. But having to close the store, check out the armor, open the store, navigate back to armor, try to remember which one i last tried... no. Too much of a PITA; even if armor kits weren't one-shot, I only have the patience to look at a few styles at a time.
    * Armor dyes. I've dropped so much plat on armor for Cannith Crafting looking for one that I liked, it's ridiculous. And along the way I've come across several "Well, I like the scheme and the base color... but ye gods, that highlighting is a hideous shade of ____!" It's even worse when you're looking for a specific pre/suffix that either can't be crafted, or can't be crafted by you (a decent outfit of heavy fort for my monk, pre-crafting, for instance)
    * Capes! And gloves! And boots! And bracers! And necklaces! Show 'em all! (with an option to turn off cloaks for processing - not only your own, but everyone's.) Think of the market for kits to make the same few sets of boots at least somewhat distinctive! (C'mon, everyone above 18 is wearing Cannith Propulsion, Madstone, Treads of Falling Shadow, Woodsman, or the Cannith Challenge acid boots. EVERYONE. Let's show 'em, but make 'em look distinctive... probably similar numbers for the rest of the slots as well)
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuartermasterX View Post
    While I cannot give specific details or dates, we are planning on making improvements to cosmetic armor system. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
    When you do, is when I will buy my first Cosmetic Armor kit.

    As long as the TP spent ONLY changes the appearance of a single set of gear this TP is not worth it for me.

    Your LOTRO game has a much better Cosmetic system. Please keep improving DDO. Thanks.
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    I suggested something like this a while back. But my suggestion was to make the armor kit a clicky like the Gold Skull Helm or the Spider Cult Mask cosmetic helmet. Click on it and it applies the skin to the hat currently worn. Why not have it not run out? If I like a skin for an armor and my character is going to be wearing the same type of armor for it's whole life, I'd prefer that my armor kit didn't run out.

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    This game has been such an absurd grind that I’d rather stick my junk in a beehive than make another toon.
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    An expansion . .. with a set of packs for each plane to come out every month or two . . . it'll be like crack to Whitney Houston.

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