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    Default Update 16 patch 1: Event #1

    Hello! It's time for a Lamannia Event! U16p1 brings the Eveningstar Midwinder Festival and Astral Shards to DDO. Everyone needs stuff to properly test the new content and systems! In particular, you need tokens for the race, ice skates, hot cider (teleportation to the beginning of the race), and Astral Shards.

    Hence I will be waiting for you in Eveningstar (near the beginning of the Festival race track) on the following day and time to distribute Heroic/Epic Experience, Plat, and the previously listed items! Additionally, there will be a Door to Eveningstar placed in the Harbor near the Founder's Fountain to assist your arrival.

    Sunday, December 2nd from 9am to 11am

    All times are Eastern (GMT-5)


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    hey squeaks, can you do. epic items from anywere in the game plz??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttkierownsmade View Post
    hey squeaks, can you do. epic items from anywere in the game plz??
    We have tried before, manytimes, its proboly not happining :/
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    I am eager to see how Faerun's festival pans out, as well as the kind of loot being offered compared to the Eberron event..

    Out of curiosity, will it still be possible to add weapon enchantment upgrades to random-gen loot in light of all these super-powerful effects now being added to Random gen loot (I.E. Superior Heartseeker, Heavenly wrath [which I can never seem to find anywhere], Meteoric, etc.)?
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    Squeak. You did a awesome job. Just like the other events you have done this one was great. Happy to have you running the show here on Lamannia. Thank you very much.

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