The reward amounts in the Eveningstar Challenges are ridiculously poor. 25% - 30% of your score, except for the one where you're most likely to get a **** score, even if you pull it off? For what are really boring challenges? And you can't swap ingredients between characters or anything?

I understand that you have an interest in keeping the player base grinding for items. It keeps them coming back. I think the grind wheel is poor design in general and quite boring, but I understand that for now it has it's place. But come on, at least pay some lip service to the illusion that it isn't just a petty, mindless grind.

Increase the amount of rewards, reduce the item cost, make it BtA, up the XP, but do something, because they just aren't worth the investment as is. End of the day, things need to be profitable for you guys and fun for the player base. I don't think the challenges are living up to at least one of those goals.