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    I could do that, certainly, but I can't imagine what else there is to check. There's no other software on my computer using the same ports, traceroute to the DDO servers shows decent response times, I can talk and chat without issues within game even when the red connection icon is up - I just can't move - and I'm not having problems with anything other than DDO. And everything will suddenly start working just fine after an indeterminate number of logon attempts, although I have to say this is the first time I've got into double figures without success.

    This time I logged onto a different toon and it worked fine... but when I swapped back to the toon having problems, I got the same issue. I am so completely baffled...
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    It's happening here in the US, midwest (Oklahoma) too.

    At first, it would only happen during a period where I was away from the keyboard for more than a couple of minutes-- I'd come back, and see either the yellow or red connection symbol (I now leave the connection icon up all the time...) and I'm frozen. I don't get booted until I try to move, or press keys-- then *boom* I'm at the desktop.

    I can typically log back in right away though (so my issue is slightly different from others herein).

    But now, it's getting worse-- I had just started a quest, and *boom* I'm booted-- while moving my toon (so it's not just due to inactivity). And this time, it went immediately from green to red, then *poof* I'm out.

    I was putting up with it, when it only booted me while I was in a public area-- but crashing my quest? It just blew my perfect streak of no-restarts. .. meh.

    My PC is fairly high-end, and DDO doesn't even push it above 20% mark, so it's not at my end... I can even ALT-TAB out of the game, and check my internet-- it's perfect. But DDO is dead, cannot move-- then it crashes to the desktop.

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    Other discussions in this (and other) forums where users are suddenly bounced to Desktop with no error message or anything have found their problem lies in other software running on their computer. One person had problems with "happy cloud" software, others with chat or file sharing software, still others with security software.

    I would recommend to you as well that you consider placing your message as a separate post in this Forum so more tech savvy forum readers are more likely to see it and offer advice directly.

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    Got the same problem... located in switzerland.

    IP connection to turbine works well (Log-on works, forums work, detecting thelanis cluster works)



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