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    Default Character T

    Telind Lightdrinker's Liege
    “Shifter huntress”
    female human
    assassin-19 monk-1
    shadowdancer, shortswords


    Lawful Neutral
    STR (base12)
    DEX (base16) (inh+2)
    CON (base16)
    INT (base14) (inh+2)
    WIS (base12) (inh+2)
    CHA (base8)
    Note: base dex 17 required for Two Weapon Fighting, base dex 13 required for Precision
    1*) rogue1: two weapon fighting*, toughness (human bonus)
    2) monk1: stunning fist (monk bonus1)
    3*) rogue2: dodge* (dex13 required)
    4) rogue3
    5) rogue4
    6*) rogue5: precision* (dex13, BAB>1 required)
    7) rogue6
    8) rogue7
    9*) rogue8: iTwo weapon fighting* (dex17, BAB>6 required)
    10) rogue9
    11) rogue10: improved evasion (rogue special ability1)
    12*) rogue11: improved critical piercing* (requires BAB>8)
    13) rogue12
    14) rogue13: opportunist (rogue special ability2)
    15*) rogue14: point blank shot*
    16) rogue15
    17) rogue16: crippling strike (rogue special ability3)
    18*) rogue17: gTwo weapon fighting* (dex17, BAB>11 required)
    19) rogue18
    20) rogue19: defensive roll (rogue special ability4)
    21*) iSneak Attack (dex21, Rogue>12 required)
    24*) eToughness (con21 required)

    Monk1 vs Rogue20 cost/benefit analysis:
    Sneak attack dice comparison (assuming max Shadowdancer, eImproved Sneak Attack, AssassinIII):
    monk1=21d6 ; rogue20=25d6
    Monk1 gains: Fortitude/Will Save+2 (rogue1 has same reflex bonus), Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike (1d6), Finishing Moves, Dodge+2% (while centered), martial arts bonus feat: Stunning Fist, four situationally useful monk stances (which includes 25% healing amplification in Fire Stance for scroll healing, )
    Monk1 loses: Rogue Deadly Shadow capstone (Intelligence+2, 4d6 Sneak Attack Dice)
    In other words, monk1 loses 16% sneak attack damage and 2 Intelligence but gains some substantial benefits.
    (Subject to potentially drastic change with the enhancement pass)
    In the end, I found what monk1 loses is pretty negligible for what it gains, which I would consider several dimensions of character depth (stances, stunning for auto-sneak attack, unarmed combat for sneak attacks at +10-12% attack speed and full offhand as well as for DR/bludgeon and high fortification enemies, more dodge than what you get in light armor).
    I did not make the decision lightly as the majority of my rogue experience before centered around a monk-multiclass acrobat and the rogue Deadly Shadows capstone is one of the best in the game. That said, Telind actually LRed away from pure rogue because the losses of going pure rogue were simply too high. Just being able to use Stunning Fist is enough to increase her power output considerably.
    As far as the cost of an epic feat, the only other feat she could hope to purchase with her current setup sans monk level for rogue capstone would be Great Ability (likely constitution), in my opinion one of the weakest epic feats and only something I would consider on an epic DC caster (of which I have two and do not plan to make more because I find them boring).

    • Maximum Action Boost configuration:
    • Head: Tongue Veil {ML11 Red Bandana Mask; enh-Charisma+6, Persuasion (com-Charisma Skills+3), gui-HP+20, Masterful Craftsmanship}
    • Neck: Verik's Necklace {ML18 Necklace; enh-Constitution+6, Lesser Action Boost Enhancement, Kensei (set+ring: exc-Melee To Hit+2, Confirm Criticals+3, +Kensei prestige: exc-To Hit+3}
    • Trinket: Greater Stalwart Trinket {ML4 Trinket; Pirate Vitality (unt-HP+10), exc-Fortification+10%, Earthen Guard} Planar Focus of Subterfuge {ML22 Trinket; ins-Wisdom+3, Planar Focus Subterfuge (set+weapon: exc-Sneak Attack+5, True Seeing, Dodge+3%)} Guidance of Shar {ML15 Trinket; enh-Charisma+6, Blurry, Guidance of Shar (Vorpal: blind target 3 seconds, 10% chance on hit self blindness 1 sec), Green Slot: ?}
    • Cloak: Drow Piwafwi {Hide+15, Move Silently+15, Invisibility Guard, Sneak Attack Bonus+5}
    • Belt: Awanahu Sash {ML18 Belt; enh-Constitution+6, Proof Against Poison, Assassin (set+ring: ?-Threat-20%, exc-Sneak Attack To Hit+2/exc-Sneak Attack Damage+5 [currently broken], +AssassinIII: ?% chance to enervate melee)}
    • Ring1: Whisper Ring {ML18 Ring; enh-Dexterity+6, exc-Intelligence+1, Assassin (set+ring: ?-Threat-20%, exc-Sneak Attack To Hit+2/exc-Sneak Attack Damage+5 [currently broken], +AssassinIII: ?% chance to enervate melee), Incredible Potential: Healing Amplification+20%}
    • Ring2: Ring of Lies {ML13 Ring; enh-Charisma+6, Diplomacy/Bluff/Haggle/Perform+10, (upgraded) Improved Deception, (upgraded) exc-Charisma Skills+1, (Hidden Effect: Spellcasting Threat+15%} Ring of Deceit {ML25 Ring; enh-Charisma+8, Improved Deception, Voice of Deceit (com-Bluff/Diplomacy/Haggle/Perform+20), Colorless Slot: ?, Yellow Slot: ?}
    • Gloves: Purple Dragon Gauntlets {ML20 Gloves; enh-Strength+7, ins-Constitution+2, Healing Amplification+30%, Knight's Loyalty (set+helm+armor: art-To Hit/Damage+3, ins-Natural Armor+3)}
    • Boots: ?
    • Bracers: Convalescent Bracers of Superior Parrying {Healing Amplification+10%, ins-AC/Saves+4}
    • Body: T3 Frozen Tunic {Armor+8, Glaciation 90, Superior Ice Lore, Freezing Ice, Fire Shield Cold guard, Enhanced Ki+1, Colorless Slot, Blue Slot} Giantcraft Robe {ML10 Robe; Armor+4, Haste Guard, Vengeful (10% Rage guard), Relentless Fury (killing enemy provides damage+5% for 30 seconds)}
    • Eyes: Tharne's Goggles {Sneak Attack Bonus+5, Search/Spot+15, True Seeing, Tharne's Wrath (inactive)}
    • Hand1: Celestia, Brightest Star of Day {ML23 Short Sword, (upgraded, augmented weight+dice) 3[1d10], Light; (upgraded) +8, Supreme Good, Radiance, Greater Sunburst, Fiery Detonation, (upgraded) Planar Conflux, (upgraded) Banishing, (upgraded) Green Slot: nat-Armor+6} Rebellion {ML25 Shortsword, (augmented weight) 2.5[1d8] (expanded) 18-20x2; (upgraded) +8, (upgraded) Armor-Piercing+20%, Sneak Attack+5, Improved Deception, Rebellion (unt-Threat-25%, on critical 6d13 pierce damage), Red Slot: Good} T3 eCutthroat's Smallblade {ML20 Short Sword, 2[1d6] (expanded) 18-20x2, +6, Slicing, Bleed, mor-Doublestrike+6%, Corrosive Salt, com-Hide/Move Silently+15, Red Slot: Good} Alchemical Shortsword {ML16 Short Sword; Flametouched Iron, Acid Burst, Greater Stone Prison, Earthgrab} eSting {ML20 Short Sword, (augmented dice) 2d12; +6, Large Scorpion Sting, Wounding, Proof Against Poison, Puncturing, Red Slot: ?} eGaros' Malice {ML20 Short Sword; +6, Flaming Burst, Greater Incineration, Blinding Embers, Red Slot: ?} eZephyr {ML20 Short Sword, (expanded) 18-20x2, Finesse, red slot} Treason {ML14 Short Sword, Atk/Dmg STR/DEX, (expanded) 18-20x2; +5, (upgraded) Sneak Attack+4, (upgraded) Armor-piercing+15%, Deception, Treason (unt-Melee Threat-20%)} Razorend {ML14 Short Sword, (augmented weight+dice) 1.5[1d8] (expanded, keen) 15-20x2; +5, Keen, Hemorrhaging, Tendon Slice+10%, Red Slot: 1d4 Lightning} Vampiric Fury Short Sword {ML12 Short Sword; +5, Medusa Fury (when <25% HP, mor-Strength/Constitution+4, mor-Doublestrike+5%, ?-Fortification-25%), Demon Fever (on critical, 1d8 Constitution Fortitude DC22), Wounding, Lesser Vampirism} Metalline Short Sword {ML5 Short Sword, Flametouched Iron; +1, Metalline, Masterful Craftsmanship}
    • Star of Irian,
    • Hand2: Grave Wrappings {+6, Entropic, Soul Eating, Improved Destruction, Stunning+10, Taint of Evil} Holy Handwraps of Radiance {+5, Holy, Radiance} Collapsible Shortbow [ML10 Short Bow, (augmented weight) 1.5[1d6]; +5, com-Jump/Swim/Tumble+11, Red Slot: Good, Purple Slot: 1d3 Acid}
    • Ghost Touch Flametouched Iron Handwraps of Undead Bane,
    • Trap Set Search: Ring of Minute Seeing {com-Search+15} Wolfinson's Monocular Enhancer {equ-Reconstruction+72, com-Search+10, enh-Search+5, Reconstruct (1/day)} Disable Device: Gloves of Forgotten Craft {ML24: com-Disable Device+20, enh-Dexterity+8, com-Attack+4, green slot, yellow slot} Tinker's Goggles {enh-Intelligence+6, com-Disable Device+10, enh-Disable Device+5, Nearly Finished (Tinker's Finesse)} Open Lock: Ring of Lockpicking {com-Open Lock+15} Tinker's Gloves {enh-Dexterity+6, exc-Seeker+2, com-Open Lock+10, enh-Open Lock+5, Nearly Finished (Tinker's Finesse)}
    Dodge outside of Shadowdancer
    5% (Improved) Uncanny Dodge (req: rogue 16)
    4% Seal of House Dun'Robar
    3% twist Perfect Balance T1R3 Grandmaster of Flowers 
    3% twist Unearthly Reaction T1R3 Magister 
    2% Feat: Mobility (crafted boots)
    3% T3 ML16 Bracers of Wind innate
    1% T3 ML16 Bracers of Wind craftable portion
    Unsustainable: up to 3% twist Supple As Spring T2-R3 Primal Avatar (having been damaged in last 6 seconds)
    =sustainable 21%, unsustainable 22%-25%
    +2% (Flurry of Blows, req: centered/monk1)
    =sustainable 23%
    Shadow Charge maximum retention [destiny point cost]
    6 T3R3 Shrouding Strike [3]
    1 T3R1 Cloak of Shadows [2]
    1 T5R1 Shadow Manipulation [2]
    1 T6R1 Consume [2]
    1 T6R1 Shadow Form [2]
    =10 maximum Shadow Charges (currently bugged at maximum 7)
    Shadowdancer active can drop both Unearthly Reactions and Perfect Balance twists for maximum sustainable dodge (uncentered), though it takes 10+ kills to reach
    Dodge in Shadowdancer
    1-10% maximum Shadow Charges (1% dodge per Shadow Charge held T5R1 Untouchable)
    5% (Improved) Uncanny Dodge (req: rogue 16)
    4% Seal of House Dun'Robar
    2% Feat: Mobility (crafted boots)
    3% T3 ML16 Bracers of Wind innate
    1% T3 ML16 Bracers of Wind craftable portion
    =sustainable 16-25%
    Stunning First DC
    10 (Base)
    12 (Half character level 25)
    10 (Stunning+10 item)
    6 (Wisdom bonus)
    6 (Legendary Tactics T1R3 Legendary Dreadnought)
    5 (Exceptional Combat Mastery item)
    1 (Fighter enhancement)
    1 (situational use: Yugoloth Essence of Despair)
    Icy Raiment {Outfit; Dodge+4%, def-Protection+4, res-Resistance+3}
    Tiefling Assassin's Blade {ML4 Short Sword (light), [1d6] (expanded, keen) 15-20x2, Attack/Damage STR,DEX; +2, Keen, Wounding, Poison, Red Slot}
    Sting {ML10 Short Sword (light) 2[1d6] 19-20x2; +4, Large Scorpion Sting, Proof Against Poison+6, Red Slot}
    Luck Blade {ML8 Short Sword (light); [1d7] (expanded) 18-20x2; +2, Good Luck+1, Red Slot, Orange Slot, Purple Slot}
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