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    Default How to get through steam room in The Tide Turns?

    I found one lever easily enough, but after that could not figure out what to do, and eventually gave up.
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    You have to make your way through both halves by climbing over the pipes. Its like a mini spies in the house, though in this case you should avoid getting launched by the steam vents.

    In the first section, there are two levers. The (purple?) first lever opens part of the easy grate and you spot it right as you enter. The harder to get to lever opens access to the second half. Once on the other side, you can cross over to the 'easy' grate and open it with the nearby lever for the rest of your party, if anyone has difficulty making the other jump.

    In the second section, you are looking for the lever in the upper corner. You will need to climb across the pipes to get to it. That will open the gate to exit the steam area, and take you through a narrow passage back into the main part of the tower through an office.
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    If you're having a hard time finding levers and things, you can try this "trick":
    In mouselook mode, slowly sweep your mouse around in a circle, while pressing
    the "Backspace" key. This will target available items near the cursor. Often
    times you can find hidden/concealed/not-obviously-visible items. Be sure to
    sweep above or below when those areas are available. This should help you
    find that lever that's way up on the pipes, then you can work out the route
    to get there. If you lock on to something you're not interested in, use Escape
    or click into open space to clear the lock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian14 View Post
    I found one lever easily enough, but after that could not figure out what to do, and eventually gave up.
    Don't drop down with the rats. Facing the rats there is a ladder to your left, avoid the steam vent at the top and use the pipes to get across, then work your way to the lever that is in the cubicle in the middle top of the room. That opens the the top door to the next room.

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