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    Default Item Suggestion

    Not sure if this exists but what are the chances of getting a store item that makes an item which has already been bound to a character by equiping it that reverts said item back to BoE and hence tradable to other toons?

    For clarity i am not suggesting this is a store item to make bound on looting items (eg raid loot items). Simply for Bound on Equip items that you have already equiped on a character simply revert to its original unbound state

    Also this item could remove the Bound and Attuned porperty as well if you have inadvertantly used it an an Altar and want to reset it .... or in hindsight wanted to save for another toon ...


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    this would be nice just in the fact that many of the new weapons are btcoe and if u take one as an end reward it is easy to accidentally equip it when u try to say, exit a tavern...

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    Could definitely see some use for this, I've accidentally equipped some items when gaming.

    I also like to be able to look at armors before I decide to use them (I like a select few of the random armor mesh/textures better than the store bought, for some reason most of them are either skin tight or have massive shoulder pads) so something like this could make an item re-sell able again instead of just sold to a vendor (though I would prefer an item preview function). Chasing after a specific random armor look in combination with a rare BoE prefix/suffix is such a hassle ^^
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