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    Default Bank Space and new packs

    I don't remember if bank space was ever increased in DDO Store (I saw only shared bank increase, several times).

    At first I could deal with bank space:
    - Got house K favor,
    - sent unbound things to other accounts,
    - bought Shared bank and sent BtA things to other toons
    - bought both bank upgrades from DDO Store
    - bought inventory bag
    - got rid of anything not important

    But now my bank is still full and I'm stuck:
    - stopped farming more BtC things (yes, that means less joining groups or creating ones)
    - can't even TR my main toon, because I don't want to destroy BtC things I've spend a lot of time get (still waiting for more Bank upgrades).

    So many new packs released, which means a lot of additional BtC items.
    We have even the whole expansion (sadly, no expansion for bank).
    Level cap was increased, which means you need a lot more items than you needed before.
    And we are still getting new packs (Druid's Deep, High Road, Epic Gianthold) WITHOUT bank space increase.

    Can we PLEASE have more bank upgrades?
    I'm not asking it to be free, just give an option to buy it from DDO Store.

    I'm sure many players would love that.

    I'll quote some good posts in this thread here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Forgeborn View Post
    ... for a completionist character, or at least one that is doing a lot of past lives, those slots might not be adequate to store all the gear that you want to have for those lives. having half a dozen GS weapons, 3 GS accessories, bauble, some Fens stuff (helm is nice to have), a minos, a nightforge gorget, titan raid loot (boots, belt, gloves, ring), VoN raid loot, reaver's fate loot, DQ raid loot, VoD raid loot, HoX raid loot, literally 20+ Tower of despair rings that might or might not come in handy (ravager, kyosho's, sanura's, rahkir's, encrusted, etc) and some of them doubles with different upgrades so you can slot things, AND some of the belts/necklaces for the better sets (rahkir's/shintoa/knosts), alchemical weapons from lord of the blades, certain runearms. CITW/epic/FR stuff if you want to play around at cap a bit. Crafted items with guild slots so you can 'use' the extra sp/hp/fort/whatever.

    It all adds up, and it's all bound to character, and some of us (me included), are packrats, I hate it when raid loot gets left behind and want to hoard it, and a lot of people have that same 'issue', but it's juggling inventory and bank space as it stands, which sorta puts me off and causes me to avoid getting into that conflict with myself. It's just pixels and bytes, but still, it feels like a shame to let it go to waste/lost/forgotten/destroyed/left behind.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kadran View Post
    ... this is what I want, turbine. 1 character. I never want to log into another toon, even though i've bought all these slots.
    Storage for all my BtC items. Find out how many BtC items are in the game. There needs to be AT LEAST that number of BtC storage space potential for any given character. From store, favor, or even loot (bag of holding style)
    Do the same thing for BtA, because the shared bank is used as overflow storage for my ONE character, not to pass items back and forth to alts. Then add at least 10 to this number for scrolls, wands, and pots. Make all guild vendor items BtA instead of BtC.
    And lastly, give us things like potion belts, wand bracers and scroll cases to hold multiples of these w/o taking multiple spaces. I don't care if it's like the cookie jar and items inside can't be used until removed. Make the item!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kadran View Post
    ... I want to log into one character and be set. I want all my twink gear held there, no mules. I want potions, scrolls and wands to be able to stay on this character when I TR, so I don't have to switch over to multiple mules. I don't want to need a spreadsheet to remember what mules have which items. Just let me have more BtC space. I'll pay for it.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRobai View Post
    Is it fun to buy a new pack and don't keep any loot from it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Certon View Post
    This is the most perfect suggestion in the history of suggestions, and it is full of upsides for both players and servers.

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