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    Default Grouping with Go Ren

    Can't Sleep? Want to PUG at ungodly hours of the night? But only LFMs up are Chinese Gou Ren groups?
    No problem, check out this compiled list of Chinese gamer speak from EVE online:

    wo shi mei go ren. Wo zheng zai xue zhong wen. Wo zhi hui jiang ying wen he yi dian dian zhong wen. Han wo de bang. Xie xie.

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    Also, is a big help just in case they are saying something not on the list or you are trying to say something not in the list. Select English on one side and Chinese (Simplified) on the other side and select "Read Phonetically".

    In fact, you can use this tool to learn any language, except computer languages or fantasy D&D languages like elvish or orcish.
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    Also, you can download an applet on your Android or iPhone smart phones (if you have one of these phones). Its using the same software and you can even speak English into the phone, and it will generate the translation on the fly.

    Same thing for Chinese. If you can pronounce (or reproduce) accurate Chinese, you can record what they said, and use your phone to translate what they said.

    Sort of like a Star Trek Hand Held Universal Translator.

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    I just try to do my best figuring out the plan by watching them, and mimicking, and hoping it's going well. They keep letting me back into the Sunday morning groups, so I can't be doing too badly. LOL Or I'm the entertainment, who knows. *Grins*
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    I used to work strange hours and grouped with many Chinese groups and guilds in quests and raids. I found the majority to be solid players and fair with loot and such.

    Good idea to have some basic Chinese phrases on hand. Especially the "I speak only English and a few Chinese phrases". Usually somebody is bi-lingual and will help you out.
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