Yep, that's me, with my pendant of time going in the Sands. I noticed I was running far faster than usual and thought to check my buff bar. Sadly, I wasn't in Exalted Angel or I would have found some fun ways to get into trouble. As it was, all I could really do was zoom around the Sands.

How to repro: I DC'd zoning into the sands from the Refuge, and upon immediately logging back in, my buffs from the public instance were still there. The specific kind of DCing came from tooning a few times and then trying to step into the Sands. You can also DC stepping into the Sands if you've entered and exited quests a whole lot in rapid succession.

I get the feeling this could be an interesting bug, depending on what else you can get to carry over from public instances....

Oh, and I seemed to still have some of this effect later in my play session. After finishing out of EN Wiz-king, I noticed I was still taking damage from an arcane skellie's firewall, and the damage didn't quit after a /death in a tavern. Restarting my client removed the effect, however.