To the guy who had up the 'Dragon is open' LFM when I logged in (5 minutes before lock) and thus alerted me to the instance.

And to the guy who accepted me into his party at the SW Altar after I dropped from the initial LFM group.

And to everyone in the instance.


I now have enough scales for my second level 20 item this Mabar (and my second item from any Mabar).

In the past I have found Mabar too frustrating to continue with for long.

Even this round the rate of opening was such that I'd get a chance at a scale every couple of days (since I mostly log on at Australian evening time, not a busy time).

So, I think the developers have a way to go before they've cracked this one and Mabar is accessible to all.

But I have to say a big two thumbs up for the die hard Mabar fans. You are a helpfull and friendly bunch of people.