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    Default Solo EE VON 3. Melee

    Wasnt as tough as EEDA and not even close to elite Shroud but still up there with toughest solos I have done. Took me about 8 attempts before I got the completion, which is rough because it was at the boss where I was failling and it takes just under an hour to clear the way there!

    The hard part was the bosses regen and that he spams dispell magic like its going out of fassion. In the time I equipt scroll, heal, equipt weapon and then fight, he has regen quite a bit. Some sort of devine melee, ranger maybe or arcane wouldne be so bad with a 1 button quickend heal/cure.

    Anyway Its done now so I never have to clear that whole dungeon solo again. Still, was lotsa fun.

    (Edit). Completion time more like 80-90 minutes.

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    Nicely done mate, that's a good achievement.

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    All I can say is WOW!

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