There seems to be only two ways of gaining experience (specifically when it comes to a TR).

1. Super fast xp zerg run(s) of a high xp/min quest where everyone must be able to solo and self heal and overall just be awesome. No dying. TRs only. Elite streak. And often an implied "know me". This gives a ton of much needed xp but at the cost of enjoyment (if you can get into a group to begin with).

2. Some random quest with random people which may or may not involve a lot of explaining and resurrecting. This is extremely variable and can often be slow, frustrating and involve a lot of waiting.

I'm wondering if out there somewhere was some kind of middle ground for "normal" players. I want to run quests at a fast pace, but not a frantic pace. I want the quest to be populated with decent players, but no extreme requirements where you're expected to solo elite blindfolded with one arm tied behind your back. I would prefer no deaths but want a group that won't go crazy if one happens to occur. I like running with other TRs but regular characters like xp too. Elite is fine but Hard is good enough for me. And most of the xp farms are posted by certain guilds that have this aura of discontent where they're ready to pounce on anyone that shows any signs of not being as awesome as they are. I want something that is actually friendly.

Pretty much every lfm seems to be either option 1 or option 2. I'm sure people will tell me to just make my own lfm, but the vast majority of the time that just ends up with me soloing the quest which is rather boring and not very efficient. I crave a grouping option that falls between 1 and 2.