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    Default Caster contribution(s) for CITW, what works?

    Hello itty bitty imaginary DDO players!

    I recently ran the CITW on my PM for the first time. My impression from this raid is it is very melee centric. The mobs (seem) to be on the large part red and/or with impressive saves. This makes the routine tactic(s) of holds and/or insta-kills problematic to say say the least, especially compaired to the DPS that can be dished out by (most) end level melee. Personally I found the quest more enjoyable from a melee perspective than a caster one...

    My question is, what are valid tactics/spells that a caster "should" employ to contribute to group DPS? I want the end staff, so I expect to be dragging my caster thru this quest a few times.

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    I also had this problem running it for the first time, I was like, dot dot dot cause everything was saving my instakills and cc
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    The trash saves aren't *too* bad, so it helps the quest go smoothly if you insta-kill the ones you can. Nuking the bosses with the DoTs, BDB and SLAs also helps. I personally find being Draconic Incarnation is incredibly useful in there, as energy burst and dragon breath often kill trash like drow souls outright and can help your DPS against bosses and those pesky priests, while costing far less than maintaining the DoTs.

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    You're supposed to DPSing. Go Shiradi, twist energy burst and/or tsunami and start dealing damage.
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    Other spells that can help

    • Death to Undeath - AoE for Undead
    • Haste <- in a melee focus quest this increase in their output goes without saying
    • Rage <- (see haste)
    • Dots on Bosses
    • SLAs <- Cheap and Free spells to make your spell pool go further
    • Insta Death Spells - Don't forget Power Word Kill
    • Power Word Spells - Stun/Blind - Worth its weight if used at the right moment

    Other features such as draconic Elemental blast can help reduce a large group to nearly nothing.

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    Persistant AoE DPS spells, plus Wail on cooldown (it's worth casting even if it's saved against 80% of the time).

    Greater Shout on the SR trash as needed too.
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    For example a sorc with draconic can kill near 200 in the raid, buff party and kill fast the end monsters and help in main bosses with dot and other good spells. So in this raid a sorc is a good choice.

    For a CC caster is good if use mass hold monster and no otto, then monster are helpless and help to melee to do better dps.

    But this quest is for a DPS caster mainly.

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    Saves are decent in there, but even on epic elite, my PM in draconic is going to account for about 1/3 to 1/2 the kills in the quest.....instakills plus aoe is a great combo in there.
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    2nd life wizard shold be easy able to install at lest 85% of those mobs there, on epic hard, if not u need better gear or build your character wrong.
    as wizard spells like, undeath to death , wail of the banshee, circle of death and finger rocks there, and energy burst is also nice
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