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    Cast a charisma buff, or use a charisma item. That causes a big spike locally.

    Attack with haste, you will see your weapons delayed on their animation versus your characters limbs.

    Be tactically active in spell combat; see all sorts of rubberbanding.

    I think there is a hit detection issue going on that has been around since they took Mabar down the first time (before Thanksgiving), or even longer. This I think is what is also causing players and enemies to rubberband outside of the environment.

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    Back for me in Evening-star.
    If you are reading this, that probably means I am broadcasting live @

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    Over say the past 2 weeks i have noticed every time i go in to Abbot i get between 10-30% loss. As this raid is already fubar you can imagine the frustration this brings....

    Last night i was in the market on a 2nd account at the same time and the connection was fine. Strange stuff...

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