I just want to give feedback.

I tried to buy MOTU during the "Black Friday Sale" via the German-language "DDO Market" page.

It didn't work out for me.

The reson, why lies in several points :

1. The DDO Market page says in its help section the following - bold printing by me :

Wir akzeptieren die Kreditkarten von Visa®, MasterCard®,American Express® sowie Debitkarten oder Geldautomatenkarten wenn diese von einem der aufgeführten Kreditkartenanbieter ausgestellt wurden. Wir akzeptieren auch Schecks, Zahlungsanweisungen und Überweisungen. Wenn Sie per Scheck, Zahlungsanweisung oder Überweisung bezahlen möchten, erhalten Sie bei der Bestellung Anweisungen darüber, in welcher Weise die Zahlung zu erfolgen hat.
This help page explicitely the possibility of the use of Überweisungen - bank transfers - but the DDO Market page doesn't list it as a viable option !

The DDO Market doesn't give me the possibility to use any one of these possibilities.

2. I tried to use PayPal instead.

It did work - until I logged in.

Digital River requires from Paypal the use of a Credit Card - and that's something I do not have. And I did not manghe Paypal for me so that it doesn't use it. Paypal uses for me bank transfers - the "Überweisung" from the above quote - and that exclusively. It personally set my options there up for it.

And still, although I thought that PayPal sould be able to pay MOTU using the Lastschriftverfahren, it did require a Credit Card from me !

What the ... ???

The result is now, that, although I have a working PayPal account, it doesn't let me buy MOTU using the German Lastschriftverfahren (it's basically a bank transfer).

Now, how do I buy MOTU, then ???

And that even although Digital River is an European firm, and therefore should at least know the possibilities of European customers (IBAN, for example) ???

Besides, what I don't quite understand as well is, why the DDO Market account page lists all U.S. Federal States, but none of the German Federal States ??? Is Germany so unimportant that its Federal States just don't matter ???

As an end result, I would like to, but just cannot buy MOTU. Both DDO Market and Digital River forces me to use a payment method I don't use.

Considering how uncommon Credit Cards still are in Germany, you won't find many German customers this way - except those who already have Credit Cards.

What puzzles me most, however, is tht Digital River tries to force me to use a Credit Card even via PayPal !

This is especially puzzling to me, since PayPal does allow other viable payment methods (like simple bank transfers) as well !

Edit : The most funny thing is that Digital River has - according to ikipedia - a headquarter in Germany as well. If I go to them personally, will they accept my cash ? (Although it's already too late for it now.)

I just don't know what to think. To me, this online payment thing is a failure - at least until I buy myself a Credit Card - and you can be sure that I won't do this. Not within the next 20 years.

A dissatisfied customer,