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    Default Audax - Khyber Server - Seeking New players and even old if they want to join

    Hey there everyone!

    Audax is a new guild.

    Audax Website:

    Who should join?

    People who are SOCIAL. People who are willing to download ventrilo and TALK in vent or even just in game. People who will actually log in for more than 15 minutes in a day. People who are actually really active!

    Also, there is more than one way to communicate with the guild and if you can't be one for awhile but do plan to come back then let someone know! There's the guild forums!

    (Yes I know DDO has a voice chat feature but that is only the case if you are in a group and besides it's really not that great.)

    So why should a New player join?

    Because the point of the guild is mainly for new players (such as myself) to get use to the game and explore all the quests and learn how to actually do them. I think it's much better to learn the quests rather than join up with someone who zergs it and you don't have a clue what the hell just happened.

    Can an older player join who knows the game?

    Sure, but don't expect guildies to zerg a place with you if you run dungeons. If you want to join then be assured that guildies will ask questions and will most likely need your help but hey that's why you joined right?

    Long term goal?

    To start from nothing and go to something with people that helped build the guild into a respectable place that people can socialize and have a good time while eventually raiding together.

    If you want to join then send a tell or an in game mail to Exedus.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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