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    Default Ring of Fire/Golden Lion farm -- Tues Nov 27

    I'm looking for five other people interested in grinding out back-to-back Ring of Fire completions for Golden Lions. These are the mats used for the popular U15 challenge cloaks like the Adamantine Cloak of the Dragon.

    Farming starts 8:30pm Eastern, Tuesday Nov 27 and goes until midnight.

    1. Be level 25 and in a useful epic destiny. This is not the place to farm XP for levels or epic destinies.
    2. Please no extended breaks during the grind like "I've got to go cook dinner", "I need to run to the store for more smokes", etc. My goal is to run it at least 10 times.
    3. Stick around for the whole time. Please don't join if you can only stay 90 minutes.

    The healer role will be covered by me. Ideally we'll have one arcane with decent DC for disco ball and four other DPS.

    If you're interested, reply or send a PM with the character/destiny you plan on bringing and I will confirm with you prior to Tuesday.
    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    Two confirmed DPS via PMs.
    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    Two spots remain: 1 DPS, 1 Arcane.
    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    Confirmed: The server's most acclaimed PM Wizard will join us. One DPS spot remains.
    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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