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No, but having a 14 Wisdom makes it a waste of SP.

Frankly, I'm kinda happy with this split. You can't just "do everything" with a FVS anymore. This is a good thing, and means you have to make choices.

- You could go WIS-based. Given the power of EDs, being WIS-based on a WF isn't the huge hit it used to be.
- You could go with more CHA and try the light-based CHA stuff from Angel
- You could go STR-based, and maybe multi-class a bit, and work on melee DPS. Cleave, Great Cleave, etc.

.... but ... you should to pick one thing to do well, and do it well. It could be niche (like the CHA builds) but man, you can do it. What you can't do is be successful going the casting route w/ a poor DC or melee with poor feats, etc.