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    Default <Cannith> Dream Evil (Level 68)

    Dream Evil(Level 68) is a guild focused on end game raiding. We are not casual raiders but we are certainly not hardcore. We run raids 3 nights a week, attendance is optional but highly desired.

    We have a good amount of people who maintain Raid characters and constantly run TR trains with other toons. The typical enviroment is family friendly but not due to any rules. It is just the type of people we have. Our average player is above age 18 and often mature. Again, this is not by design. It has just worked out that way.

    What we look for in a new recruit is activity above all else. We prefer people who will take the renown bonuses offered at the end of a quest but obviously do not require it nor can we enforce it. We strongly desire to raise our guild level (Currently 68 and rising) so members who are like-minded are always desired. We are sitting at 26 total members (All of which are active almost daily).

    We would love to find a few new raiders to join us. Experienced raiders are of course fine but those of you who are new to raiding are definitely welcome as well. Please be prepared to learn from our experienced raiders and you will prosper.

    If you think you would be a good fit of if you would like to learn more about our guild do not hesitate to contact any of our officers or simply just drop an application and I will get in touch with you. I can also be contacted in game. I am normally on Alcedes, Alcediroth, or Mallagant.

    We are currently recruiting all classes and all levels.
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