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    Default GS crafting naming bug/issue report

    I'm posting because I just crafted a supreme tyrant greensteel heavy repeater of lightning, aka a Lit II and in my inventory it says I have a +5 gs shocking burst heavy repeater.

    Is it because of the new altars? I'm pretty sure this is not WAI.
    The classic standard is to allow players to know which tier is the gs item by the name great commander or supreme tyrant and its cool that way.

    I'd like to know if this issue is gonna be adressed or if devs are aware that gs tier 3 items may not get their proper names when crafted. As far as the item, it works great and behaves like a Lit II.


    PS heres the link to my character and how my gs item is named:!&p=myddo

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    I have seen this issue pop up every now and then, even before the new alter system. The important part question is : does your item have all of the properties it should have? If it does, then it is in fact a naming bug, and while annoying, at least you didn't screw up your item. If it doesn't have all of the properties it should have, then you may have made a mistake while crafting it.

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