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Thread: Lost and Found

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    Default Lost and Found

    Anyone lose a Wyoh?

    Was on Khyber, moved to Ghallanda

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    Think she bolted out of my inventory when she saw Boo.

    Poor Wyoh! She is alone in this world, just as Minsc was before Boo found him. But I grows tired of yelling battle cries when Wyoh fails to heal! That's ok we forgive her. Boo will finish their eyeballs once and for all so they does not rise again! EVIL, MEET MY SWORD! SWORD, MEET EVIL!!!!

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    Without Your Own Heals.

    Makes sense enough.

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    just north of sanity

    Default albus

    i remember a time where I was able to have 7 people in a regular party. Just have to summon hire at same time as someone else joins party. I think I have a SS somewhere....
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