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    Default Epic hard CITW 1 healer interest check

    Interest check on Epic hard citw 1healer
    Please mail massivheals with name of toon you want to bring and class/race and best time for you to run it.
    Will only be taking people that are level 25 and in main destiny at the time. shouldn't need to be said
    but I figure i better.

    This raid is for fun so if you are the type that yells in mic at others not the raid for you .
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    Time frame?
    Being drunk and cursing is still premited, right?

    Got a gimp monk and a gimp FvS i can bring into if it doesn't overlap with my sleep/work schedule.
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    I'll bring my monk - though I won't level her up to 25! but she certainly will be in the most useful destiny for her
    Otherwise I can bring my druid but that would cut the single healer thing...
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