WTT for the Menace of the Underdark Standard Edition Code on Black Friday! I got some GS Mats (Base, Small, Med., Large) Epic Scrolls (Have Envenomed Cloak and Sword of Shadow! XD), Plat., Gray rat Pet, Power Cells (Vale and Cannith), Alchemical Weapons, +1 Tomes, Gianthold Items (including dragonscales), +5 improved cursepewing handwraps of greater good, Hand of Tombs Runearm x2, Icerazor, Staff of the Necromancer, 3 other non-named awesome staves for WF, FvS, and Ice Caster, FRDS, +8 Dexterity Planar Focus of Subterfuge, Drow Khopesh (Tendon Slice 10%), etc.
Send PM or Tell ingame to Erofen.
Thanks For Looking!