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    Default How its your action bar set up?

    I think my arrangement is inefficient and needs a rework. Id like to know how others have theirs set up, if you don't mind sharing.

    Toon = lvl 13 human AM

    1 = primary, combat spells & slas; bar is "unhooked" and this is what changes when ctrl switch
    20 = monster summon, weapon combo switch, some backup combat spells like ODS, hold and charm, less used buffs like Stone skin and fire shield, this bar is static
    2 = common "go to" buffs, displace, ER, shield, jump, energy protect, my diplo
    3 = non combat stuff like teleport, inscribe, search, water breathing ring, etc
    4 = more noncombat stuff
    5 = trade equipment

    As you can see, quite amateur. Suggestions n criticisms welcomed!

    (And yes, I know I "should" be running a PM instead. I probably will later, but for now its arch mage all the way! Yee haw!)
    FYI, when I summon an earth elemental, it's not a "he," it's a "she." And her name is Pebbles.

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    Rabble rabble rabble how dare you play a non self healing wizard rabble rabble

    You have it set up so that you use ctrl+number to swap between bars? I've never been able to play a caster like that, I like my big cluttered UI - but swapping bars does have an elegance to it.

    I (and most of us, I think) layer up our bars and use modifier keys to cast individual spells from specific bars, rather than swapping bar focus.

    I assign everything I need to actually cast to slots 1-6 on my hotbars. 7+ isn't particularly convenient to cast in combat while targetting. I arrange spells with that in mind.
    In terms of modifier keys, I use all of alt, ctrl, shift, caps lock, and `, to access bars 1-6, which I find gives me full access to everything I need to cast in combat.
    Alt is my nukes, ctrl is single target non-nukes, shift is aoe debuffs and crowd control, caps is buffs, and ` is... elemental resists. Yeah, I need all of them hotkeyed.

    Some casters with an abundance of screen real estate like to dedicate a hotbar to their spell materials so they can tell when they're getting low.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenNova View Post
    I (and most of us, I think) layer up our bars and use modifier keys to cast individual spells from specific bars, rather than swapping bar focus.
    Interesting, I was not aware that such a thing could be done (and that's why I made this thread, ha ha). I'll have to look into this.
    FYI, when I summon an earth elemental, it's not a "he," it's a "she." And her name is Pebbles.

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    I play in mouse look mode. Because of that my left hand is on the arrow keys, around the delete, end, page down, page up, home and insert keys. I have all of those hot keyed to one toolbar, and put things like symbol of death, dancing ball there.

    My number pad is set up to another hotbar, with aoes like fireball being closer to the arrow keys and persistant aoes further away. Haste rage and displace are 7,8,9.

    Spells that require hard targeting I set up along the numberkeys on the keyboard in hotbar 1, close to the Q/Tab buttons. So FoD is 2 and polar ray is 3, for example. I also use the grave key for the same thing, usually past life wizard magic missiles goes there.

    Long term buffs go on hotbars that are visable but not hotkeyed.

    I do not toggle between bars.

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    I have 14 hotbars visible, and I play off all of them. My setup is 4 sets of 3, with one set bottom center, another bottom right, one top left, and one top center (the last two are vertical on the far right side). I play mostly from the bottom center 3, and keep gear swaps, lesser used spells, metamagics, scrolls, pots, etc, on the rest depending on how often I use them or how quickly I need them in battle.

    EDIT: I have some spells moved around for soloing DQ, but here's how my bars look:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter_Principle View Post
    Interesting, I was not aware that such a thing could be done (and that's why I made this thread, ha ha). I'll have to look into this.
    You can set it up in the keymapping section of the setup.

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    I don't actually use hotbars during combat on any of my alts, both casters and melee. Instead I use the numpad on the right of the keyboard for active combat and Alt+ mappings for things that aren't time sensitive. I end up with two visible hotbars that really just show cooldowns and charges left on items.

    My wizard has the following mapping, from top to bottom then around the edges:

    /, * and - are web, firewall and ice storm
    7, 8 and 9 are ray spells (currently scorching ray, polar ray and necrotic ray)
    4 is my melee attack button, which my wizard doesn't bother with now that the spell power bug is fixed
    5 and 6 are the PM sla and negative energy burst
    1, 2 and 3 are energy drain, finger of death and wail
    + and <Enter> are dots (niac's and eladar's)
    0 and . are his weaponsets (caster sticks, and turtling shields)
    Alt+0 is his pale rod weaponset for when DP starts landing

    The 6 keys above the cursor keys between the main keyboard and the numpad (Ins, Home, etc...) are my buffs:
    Ins, Home and PageUp are Prot from Elements Mass, Haste and Rage
    Del, End and PageDn are Blur, Displace and Death Aura

    I mapped Alt+A through Alt+Z to hotbars 8, 9 and 0, which are never visible, to make it easy to manage hotkeys:

    Alt+A Charm (currently Dominate Monster)
    Alt+B Blindness pot
    Alt+C Curse pot
    Alt+D Dimension door
    Alt+E Lesser restoration
    Alt+F un-meta'd Fireball (for busting down doors)
    Alt+G Greater teleport
    Alt+H Greater Heroism
    Alt+I Invisibility
    Alt+J Jump
    Alt+K Knock
    Alt+L Dancing Ball
    Alt+M Summon monster
    Alt+O Open lock (he's a trapmonkey)
    Alt+P Poison pots
    Alt+Q Trap the Soul
    Alt+R Phiarlan pendant of time (RUN!!! hehheh)
    Alt+S Search (trapmonkey)
    Alt+T Teleport scroll
    Alt+V Reconstruct
    Alt+W Merfolk's Blessing (sWim)
    Alt+X Hold monster, mass
    Alt+Y fully meta'd Disintegrate (pretty much just for shroud crystals)
    Alt+Z Raise dead greensteel clickie

    I also mapped rocket boots/abundant step/leap of faith to the F key. No alt, shift or ctrl; just F. It's nice and handy, right next to the standard movement keys. My wizard, ranger and paladin have rocket boots, my cleric has leap of faith from destiny, and the monk of course has abundant step.

    Finally, I added a barrel breaker / destiny key:
    ` is sonic blast, for breaking barrels. Love it.
    Alt+` is my "neato destiny effect" button. On my wizard that's energy burst.

    It probably goes without saying that this setup evolved over time.

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    You got to keep experimenting. Be flexible (especially once you have epic destiny abilities changing all the time). My set up also evolved over time. Very first thing I did was to make it so I could access my second hotbar simply by pressing alt+#.

    When this didn't become enough, I designated a modifier key from something that was being useless I thought. In my case, it was the middle mouse button. Camera control was moved to the function key.

    Eventually, I decided that easy to reach keys, such as ', z, x, c, v, b, and n, were being squandered by their default functions. I consolidated them around to more out of place keys (for example, my xp report (default the x button), character sheet (default: the c button), and map is now all handled by pressing ctrl+m, modifier+m, or just plain m), so that these easy to reach, but by default, kinda useless keys now had a combat purpose.

    Good luck to you. There's always a massive headache as your brain gets used to a new setup, but you'll get used to your system.

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