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I use to send people PM's when I neg Repped them and why, and all it accomplished was they would become bitter towards me, feel it was unjustified (Like anyone feels their neg rep is justified ) they would neg me back in revenge, and then start a spat war with me on the forums.
I get a decent amount of neg rep, and in pretty much every case I know why I get it and understand why people felt justified in neg'ing me. The way I look at it, it doesn't matter if I feel the neg was justified or not. All that matters is whethere I can conceive of a way in which somebody else could feel it was justified. In every case, yes.

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Incorrect info? I think that the post is pretty well written and informative.
Like the example this post is refering to, about how rogues can't get enough spot so put your points in balance instead. Personally, I think that advice is misleading and incorrect, and grounds for neg rep. Don't remember if I negged that post originally -- certainly might have -- but of course not going back to neg it now.