Just finished the new content in U16. Seems that I have only posted negative things lately so I thought I would post something positive for a change.

I really liked this update. I really enjoyed the quest chain. Good mix I thought. Very fun. I personally did not see any bugs, ran chain twice so far.

I liked the loot and the BTCoE mechanic of the loot was better than just btc. I liked that some named items were in the end reward.

I enjoyed the wilderness area. I had trouble finding some of the explorers( kinda fun that i really had to look), I like the fact that the random encounters seems to pop up more that in other areas(could be just my perception). Very enjoyable.

I ran U15 chain yesterday also because I needed 3 commendations, and low and behold on completion the end reward had named items from the chain in it. So I went out and read the release notes and saw that a change was put in to add this to the end chain reward list.

I know numerous people were complaining about this, not sure if this was in response to this or not. Very good fix to that quest chain either way.

Have not had time to switch to the new destiny yet, but based on what I have seen so far, I am cannot wait.

Thank You for all your efforts. Very good update to the game in my opinion.