Based on threads posted here on the inadequacies of barbarians, my previous experience in PnP, and my experience on my own and my wife’s barbarian toons I thought it might be productive to discuss if and how barbarian damage reduction should be changed. Currently, Barbarian DR scales in one point increments every three levels from DR1/- at level 2 to DR7/- at level 20. Enhancements can add up to another 3 points to this value.

The elevated mob damage of DDO, when compared to PnP, means that the PnP derived DR values are not adequate for high heroic levels and is laughable in epics. Also, the DDO changes to uncanny dodge also means that barbarian and rogue’s PnP mitigation of sneak attack damage has largely been eliminated. I am aware that most mobs are of sufficient level to bypass the PnP uncanny dodge sneak attack defense (attacking rogue level is 4 higher than defender’s rogue/barb level). But this is a DDO problem of mob levels being far higher than in PnP. As a side note, I think the barbarian DR was laughable in PnP also, so DDO is taking a bad PnP mechanic and has exacerbated the problem.

So, with that, what do you think is the correct level of DR at barbarian levels 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25?

Should barbarian DR be shifted to a combination of DR and PRR?

Should rage include additional DR or some PRR?

Should uncanny dodge and improved uncanny dodge include some chance to avoid sneak attack damage or be a PRR of sorts against it?