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    Exclamation Disconnection in load screen.

    to make it simple:

    client disconnects from server on loading screen straight after char choice screen, i choose a char and game starts to load, when it does load, connection icon is red, showing no response from server side, few seconds later client closes saying that connection was lost. on lammania client its even worse as its 99% rate of disconnections, with live server being around 60%.

    first time i seen it happen was on lammania server, update 12, it was not happening on live then yet, untill u12 hit live and its a CONSTANT source of grief for me, and ppl i try to run quests with.

    i found few things about this problem, first thing is that there cant be any other software useing actively internet connection, any download or stream ends in ddo disconnecting, no matter if its a browser with some youtube video loading or an active skype, it disconnects.

    recently i learned that game does not disconnect when loading first a lower lvl char with almost empty inventory, and then swapping to high lvl.

    that way around a problem does not help much when ddo crashes on entering slayer area, or does other silly thing in middle of raid or other quest......

    i tried LOTS of diffrent explanations of this problem i found on forums adn it does not help, checked firewall, reinstalled it, tried without firewall, all the same.......

    only answer is that its ddo itself that does that but since there is no way to make a log of what happens in that time, cant find exact explanation.

    any other online games does not do that, connection was checked and is stable enough.
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    There's a few different problems that are related, you'll find various infos on them.

    One recent problem with red link is related to long loading screens that timeout.
    DDO appers to hang and it's the timeout that causes the disconnection, not an actual link loss.
    Check if you are having a longer load screen than before, or if it appears to hang at some point.
    Once it looks like taking too long you can safely tell it is going to timeout.

    The red link will happen on the first login, but not the second try, because it might be preloaded in the pagefile.
    Afterwards it may happen again if you change toons.

    On a slow computer even if you manage to login, you may experience unusual lag, continual freezes and risk crashing in areas.
    Part of it is from UMD lag, as hinted in other threads, which gets aggravated, remember all lag stacks :P
    On a fast computer you may see the red link, maybe the UMD lag, but not this lingering lag and freezes.
    Either way you need to check if your problem is from connection or loading issues.

    If it is from a long load screen, anything you do to shorten it will cut the risk of timeout and freezes.
    The direct way is to get more ram, or a ssd, even a readyboost help, or you can play with the settings.

    The setting that solved it for me was putting the textures cache to max.
    It does like the text says, which is shortening the loading screen.
    Note that this won't work for everyone, because it can involve disk swap, may even crash.

    Doing this shortened the screen a bit, still seems long, but solved the continual red links and the lag and freezes.
    The red link can still happen ocassionally, but only on first load and only rarely, not every single time like before.
    The cache seems to go to the pagefile and so far cuts more lag than it causes.

    If this is not the problem or doesn't work you may need further troubleshoot and details.
    Try taking the graphics to the lowest and work up from there to see where it chokes.
    Also leave some feedback if you manage to solve it.

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    tried some ways to shorten load screens, nothing works.

    even with lowest graphic settings, first % of load always takes LOOOONG time.

    the only way to counteract the dc i see is loging in on low lvl char first and then swapping to high lvl... i know how it sounds but it works. btw both load equaly long.

    problem is that does not help with getting back in on crash in middle of a raid....

    never had ANY problems with ddo before u 12 as i stated in OP, so it has to be something taht was added and/or changed in u12.

    same problem is about 2+ character swaps, any 3rd swap diconnects client IN char choice screen.

    i tried out a software that closes unnesesary processes in os, for gameing, except lowering a bit lof lag, it diditn help for dc.
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    How much RAM do you have in your system?
    Which Windows OS are you running?
    Are you running any other software that takes a lot of memory while running DDO?

    My thinking is, more RAM available, faster initial loading. If RAM not present, uses virtual memory on disk which relies on speed of hard drive and other hard drive performance settings (so then I'd defragment the drive, etc...)

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