Another thread in the class section got me thinking about this PrE. It's horribly outdated. Barring the deepwood sniper, no other class has been shat on more than the mechanic by other players. Artificers outclass them in so many ways and I think the new enhancement update that is looming around the corner needs to give them some love.

So, a few 'wishful thinkings' and 'suggestions' concerning the mechanic:

There are several PrE's that have a certain focus on certain monsters:
-- Monk's Shintao have bonuses against non-lawful outsiders, aberrations and undead.
-- Paladin's Hunter of the Dead has many bonuses against the undead.
-- Paladin's Knight of the Chalice is good against demons and evil outsiders.
-- Cleric's Silver Flame Exorcists, while not implemented yet, are strong against outsiders.
-- Barbarian's Occult Slayer, also not implemented yet, is strong against enemy spellcasters.

Mechanics need to be like this, as well. I think bonus damage, attack, and/or saves vs constructs makes perfect sense. The Smite Construct ability they have now is useless in a PrE that focuses more on ranged combat, as is the Repair Warforged ability, which is useless past the harbor. These both point towards specializing in constructs.

Traps and grenades need to be made more useful; right now they're situational, at best, and even with high INT and trap skills, mechanic DC's on traps are still crappy past the mid levels. For the trouble you go through to collect the parts to make deadly traps, they're just not worth using past lvl 10ish. I did recently find that fire grenades can blast open wooden doors and light torches in Inferno of the Damned. There needs to be more utility for such things.

Mechanics are expert trappers, they need to be able to search/disable traps faster than other PrE's and artificers to show this. Maybe once you get high up in the enhancement tree you could get to a point where you can't get interrupted while searching/disabling/opening locks. Maybe call it 'Working Under Pressure' or something. I would actually find this very useful.