Hi, I am the the original guild leader and founder of Fire of the Dragon. We were founded in late 2009, all of the other members that were in the guild have stopped playing and I have been Keeping the guild alive sense the guild fell apart in September of 2011. Every person that has joined the guild has stopped playing for over a month and has been removed from the guild.

I have been trying to resurrect the guild sense I got back from college around the end of August 2011.

I have 8 toons in the guild 3 are level 20, and the other 5 are level 24, 25, 16, 14, 7.
I also have a guild website for asking for help when you can't log in in-game, I also have a Raid call channel for the guild and sub-channels for different quests, raids, etc.

I have personally Payed off the level 50 and 55 guild ships about 9 months ago and just need to reach those levels.

I was willing to recruit Active mature adults that don't care about foul language. But sexist, racist, and forcing your beliefs on guild members is not allowed at all. The guild Facts forum has all the rules of the guild listed. Also the Requirement forum has the requirements to join the guild.

The more active you are in helping the guild the more likely you are to get a promotion.

If you would like to Join the guild if you meet the requirements then send a PM to one of my toons: Artemisfowl, Juliusroot, Julietbutler, Foaly, Deathseith, Deathsieth, Holyshort, or Rsking. I am on everyday 99% of the time useualy all day.