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    Default Raid/Quest Leaders aren't Turbine Employees and PuGs are not Customers

    Thought this deserved it's own thread separate from a previous discussion. While we should all be decent and fair with each other, party leaders aren't providing you with a service that you paid for... That should go without saying but, there're a lot of players who seem to think that they are entitled and "owed" all sorts of consideration. As far as I'm concerned, any party leader should try to get the best results for the most people in their party... whether that's a completion, xp farming, loot farming, roleplaying, w/e. Just because you applied to an LFM doesn't entitle you to a lengthy debate about your build, talent, or playstyle. A party leader may be too busy dealing with the task at hand for you. Frankly, I try to give the courtesy of a reason whenever possible, but that's often seen as an invitation to start a protracted debate. I'm not paid enough to listen to that. In fact I'm paid nothing at all. I pay to play this game, just like everyone else.
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    I expect things to get more interesting fairly shortly. Thumbs up Key!

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    Red face

    Given your last two topic's am I to assume you had a rather bemusing week?

    I feel like I am missing out on the fun at the raid part of the game, since I TRed and been hating every level of this barb life I am suffering through.

    I am even pondering if I am going to bother to even try to raid this life once I make 20th or just TR asap and move on to the more fun seeming lives.

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    And here I was doing this all wrong... I put up a party, pay clerics/favoured souls for heal scrolls, pay wizards/sorcs for major pots, buy a few DR breakers and heavy fort items for the melee.

    No wonder I'm so poor...
    That said, puggers, your raid/quest leader is just an ordinary player. Mostly. Except Key, he's the Supreme Overlord And Master of All In The Universe And Beyond.

    Also, Glane, your barbarian is not that bad. It's not every few years that you see a self-healing barbarian.

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    not suffering fools gladly


    Quote Originally Posted by Keybreaker View Post
    Raid/Quest Leaders aren't Turbine Employees and PuGs are not Customers
    Amen Brother Key. Preach on!
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