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    Default Distributing Sources of Protection AC/Dodge/PRR

    I'm having a hard time deciding how to distribute the resources I have available toward protection...

    Is it better to simply focus on one type of damage mitigation? It seems like the more of a certain type of protection you have, the less it matters. I know this is definitely the case with PRR.

    On my monk(), I could get:

    High Ac(>130-150+), Decent Dodge(10%-19%), Bad PRR(12 from earth stance)


    Decent Ac(100-120), Decent Dodge, Better PRR(30-50)

    I have yet to spend time in epic elites and I'm interested in how useful ac is. Does EE Demon Queen still hit everytime? I suppose different forms of damage mitigation are more useful in different situations.

    Either way, my monk will have 25% incorp and 800-1000 Hp.

    Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    The tentative gear plan for my monk:

    Gs hp helm (leaning towards smoke)
    Shintao cord
    Sun soul set with +3 insightful wis caparison
    Adamantine cloak of the bear (switching to a dodge +3 cloak if someone else is tanking)
    Upgraded head of good fortune
    Tharnes goggles
    Holy burst kyosho ring
    Epic ring of the stalker with gfl and +1 exc wis
    Pdk gloves
    Madstone boots

    This is not a max ac, prr, or dodge setup.

    For more prr, make the helm a min2 and wear the conflux set.

    The ac is close to max with madstone or a barkskin pot and shield clicky running. The u16 boots with +8 +3 dex can boost it a bit further.

    More dodge is possible, but at the expense of hp, dps, or prr (bracers of wind, wolf/mabar cloak, dunrobar ring, omniscience helm).

    Overall, I think it's a decent compromise.
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