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    Nothing here.

    In fact I got a level 6 item in one of the chests in Tear of Dhakaan on Elite with +2 loot and +1 gem non-ransacked.

    Only ever looted two tomes since I started playing in 2006. Both +1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpadan17 View Post
    I absolutely loved this event. I pulled the following

    1. +4 con tome unbound
    2. +4 wiz tome unbound
    3. +4 int tome unbound
    4. +4 str tome unbound
    5. +3 to +4 int upgrade

    And a few random q staffs that I sold for about a mil plat

    Very nice event!!!
    I pulled about 2k pumpkin heads. I heard you like pumpkin heads. I'll throw some your way when I log in next week.

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    +2 Cosmic hvy rprtr of Obscenity (neg energy spike, evil burst, level drain) - traded for 5 FRDS unknown chest
    +3 cosmic of supreme good long bow
    +3 meteoric (flaming blast flaming burst Greater incernation) absolute law longbow
    + 4 con tome (eh rusted blades)
    +6 impulse 120 +3 evo mastery 1 hander
    + 6 resonance 120 necro +3 staff
    +6 glaciation 120 maxII sup ice lore I hander
    + 7 cha +7 resist cloak
    +8 con +6 prot neck
    Some primal junk, some greater sp IX junk

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    EE deal and the demon with +2gem

    Quote Originally Posted by Feather_of_Sun View Post
    This is Dungeons and Dragons Online, not classical Greek mythology.
    Quote Originally Posted by MadFloyd View Post
    I am admin. I don't need HPs

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    I pulled a +2 to +3 Constitution upgrade as an end reward from Sinister Storage, a soul-stealing mountain breastplate of muttering because I can't remember the suffix from Finding the Path (which would be nicer if my epic armor on my FvS wasn't predetermined by having a +3 major radiance lore mountain BP already), and a pair of holy burst of enfeebling wraps that my monk is loving.
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